Ben Silver studios
  • Silver began glassblowing in 2007 in Eugene, OR. Assisting on production glassmaking teams, and with individual working artists.
  • He's participated in intensive workshops around the country with some of the best instructors in the world. 
  • He was 1 of 10 featured on the Netflix, Blown Away series, Season 2. 

Retrospective over the past 15 years...

Blue OxSpectrum crystalMilkshake and cupcakeGreen and Gold anchorThe Vibe
Crab anchor Mailman, votive holder Gold crystals Cube with floating ball Train Aztec platter
Gold twist Mint vase, carved Bohemian Talk, vase Sophia, sculpture Ruby anchor Homer's cupcake
Skyline series, antique Skyline series, dark streets Skyline series, spring Skyline series, towers. Blue Ice Emerald pyramid
Crystal Bull Sunrise shells Frontier Panel Lavender twist The Lonely Cupcake
Solo Whale on Wave Aqua twist Charging Bull the lost tribe, vessel Prime cut
Voyager Anchor, saffron and blue Spring Bull Elevate, torso sculpture Balancing Bowls The Wall, menorah
Owl Eye's, blue Jewelers Eye, paperweight sculpture Sirloin Purple luster crystal Dolphin in mid air Blue Shell